About Me

This blog is all about looking up in life. Seeing the good things in each and everyday, even the terrible ones. There is always something positive going on, you just have to take the time to see it. Enjoy!!


I am a sophomore at Brigham Young University. I like baking, running (or pretending to run!), swimming, sewing, and being crafty. BYU sporting events are super fun to go to...I'm a fan for sure. I am from Texas, and yes I have Texas pride. Born and raised baby! I like to think that everything is awkward, even when it really isn't, which then makes it awkward. I love watching funny Youtube videos, so if you have any good ones send them my way! 

My family is pretty dang awesome, check them out.
I am the youngest of five children. I have three older brothers and an older sister. The oldest three siblings are married, so I have two sister-in-laws and a brother-in-law and one nephew and one niece on the way! My parents are the bomb dot com, enough said.
My friends are cool too! They're really crazy, but it's okay, I am too. We have fun together and bring each other up. We love going to the temple together, going to eat, staying up super late for no apparent reason, and most importantly doing hood rat things together!!

Here is a post about how I got the name of my blog. Check it out!

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