Thursday, February 18, 2016

Books read in January

I read 6 books.

So, I say read, but there were definitely a few of those who I just skimmed through... Oops. They were rough.

When my roommate starts reading, at night, she often starts falling asleep. And I am definitely not. Usually I go to bed pretty early, except when I'm into my book. If I'm into my book, I'll keep reading it until I finish it or until I find a good stopping point (which is usually the end of the book). So maybe I stayed up until 4 am last weekend reading a book because I couldn't stop until I finished the book.

Anyway, books I read in January:

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Monday, February 1, 2016

January goal update

This year I'm trying something different for my goals. I picked one main goal for the month. This month was to get rid of clothes that I don't like/use anymore.

Annnnnd... I did it! Saturday my roommate served as moral support as I purged the closet. I get rid of two garbage bags full of clothes. Woohoo!

I still have ridiculous amounts of clothes, craft supplies, and just stuff in general. Oops. It's just a pain to move all that stuff (that I hardly/never use) from apartment to apartment.

Now for February's goal...
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Friday, January 29, 2016

I never know what to title these things.

LOL at that one time I had a blog and actually used it. It's super funny (and WAY embarrassing) to go back and look at this, but whatevs. This is me. That was me. I did say and do that, haha.

I've been majorly slacking in the journaling department lately, but that's fine. I go through waves of journaling via a blog, instagram, and old school pen and paper. I guess I'm maybe going to try this blogging thing out again. Hmm. I give it one week ;)

It's raining here in Provo, and I'm still at school, even though the kiddies left almost three hours ago, and I'm not even being productive. Instead I'm just looking back on the spontaneous road trip to St. George that happened a few weeks ago (and wishing it was that warm here). Be jealous you don't go on road trips 20 minutes after deciding to go (no need to be jealous, just go do it yourself -- you won't regret it).

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