Saturday, March 1, 2014

Teacher or college student?

I'm a Special Education major. Yeah, nothing new. And as that, sometimes I look at my outfit and think "holy cow I look like a teacher." And I've decided I don't have a problem with it. I can be a cool teacher who dresses pretty cute, right? That's the goal at least.

So here's to all the teacher clothes that I currently own and to all the one's I'll own in the future. Win in doubt, add a cardi.

How to dress like a teacher tip #1: Add a cardigan to anything. 
You never know when your classroom is going to be cold, warm, or in between. It's best to layer with something that you can take off the sweater, in case it's too warm. Also they're great for those spring/fall/in-between/bipolar weather days! (Is this reminding y'all of Miss Congeniality when she's talking about her perfect date? All you need is a light sweater!)

So, do I look like a teacher? Or a college student? I'm okay with either one, or even both.
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