Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Big" things are happening

And by that I really just mean that it is important to celebrate the little things. Whenever people ask me "what's new?" (which happens a TON, let me tell ya...) usually I haven't made any big life changing decisions or there hasn't been anything monumental happen in the last few days/weeks/months. It's just the same old, same old... School, work, church, friends. Nothing really new to tell them. Such is life. But the little random moments are awesome and totally worth noting.

So here's to the small moments of 2014! Let's party!

Stayed at a cabin and went snowmobiling in beautiful Kamas, Utah. The stars. I was in heaven. You could see all the stars. Ahhh. It was gorgeous. Also, snowmobiling is a blast.

The nephew and I totally took selfies the other day, but he wanted his blue snake, Lupe, to be in there too. But really he didn't care about us being in the pictures, so much as Lupe... haha!

Getting to post and send Valentine's puns to friends because it's February. Seriously, they're awesome. See some of my favorites on twitter and pinterest.

Teaching a group 25-minute lesson and totally rocking being a teacher. We were about 2/3 done at 10 minutes and had to think on our feet to add a few discussions and activities. And we nailed it. #victory

Random times when my brother (and all of my siblings) calls me simply to ask how my day was and say hi even though he lives super close and I saw him yesterday. So cute. So sweet. He's awesome.

My mom asking "how do I get to send little hearts?" in iMessages to me. She now loves emojis. She's pretty hip. And it makes our texts waaay more entertaining. Last semester the youth back home taught her what selfies were and then she proceeded to send me them periodically. I'm going to introduce her to Selfie Sunday this week... I think she's going to love it! Hahaha
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