Friday, December 6, 2013

Let's be honest

...sometimes it's really just the little things that make your day.

In my favorite class we start each class with three things: a prayer, a scripture/spiritual thought, and good news minute. It was too funny the day after Thanksgiving break. Two girls announced they were pregnant (that makes 3 girls total!) and one girl announced that she was engaged. Then my great friend Kenzie is all chill like... "I made a music video at work the other day. It was hilarious!"

Thank you Kenz for showing us that we can be happy with our lives the way they are. We can appreciate the little things. Huge life changing decisions aren't the only exciting things going on in your life. Sometimes all you have going on are the little things. So celebrate them. Pshh let's be honest, I'll take any excuse to get ice cream or hot chocolate and have a party!

Today, I peeled my orange all in one piece. It was awesome. And now I'm going to eat ice cream. Par-tay!
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