Thursday, December 12, 2013

I'm so cool and I have the coolest life [false]

Pahhahaha. Let's be honest. I'm definitely not cool enough to be part of the Provo 100, also I don't even know what it is, nor do I care what it is or to be on it. I spend too much of my time talking about work and my coworkers (hahah, NEVER! I love them so it's cool that they consume my life), and not near enough about having an actual life/social life. And so here I am talking about work again... #161forlife #seriouslyworkismylife #andimokaywithit #wereafamily

Holler. Look what I made! Blog buttons for Women's Conference! I made the top one. They're so cute! I'm obsessed. You can find them here!

Holler, again. Look what else I made. Now you can give someone Women's Conference as a gift! I made the "Christmas Gift" one (with the wreath on it). It's adorable (not to toot my own horn, but really...) You can get those here.

Okay, enough with the shameless self-promotion/shout out to Women's Conference....

Seriously though, Women's Conference is one of the most amazing things I have been able to be a part of. I haven't really gotten to attend the talks/classes myself, but I have read a countless number of them. I have seen how the women who come act and seen the appreciation in their faces. I love getting to see so many women coming together to lift each other up, to better themselves, to be rejuvenated, and to continue working to become more like Christ. And that's why I don't like my job. I truly truly love it.
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PS, tomorrow we have two work parties. We SO excited. (Also because It's Friday! Thanks Rebecca Black for all you've done for us and for the music and for the terrible phrases that are now ingrained into my vocabulary.) On the realz, the sister offices are getting together tomorrow to throw the most awesome Christmas pancake party ever. 161 + 169 = BFFs  #sisteroffices #the160sforlife