Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Final countdown..

You get it? Because it's finals week and all?? It's been a busy finals week, as normal, but bearable. And it's almost over! You could say I'm pretty stoked..

1 final left
5 hours left to study
4 days until I got to Texas
7 days until Christmas
3 semesters of college left (I'm counting spring and summer terms as one semester)
1 year until I graduate and I'm a certified teacher!!

It has been a year since I was last home, so you could say I'm a little excited to go home. I've seen my parents and most of my siblings. But I'll get to finally meet my new niece! And simply be in my favorite state ever... TEXAS! My brother and I have already talked about all the places we want to go eat and things we want to do.. It's going to be awesome.

Merry Christmas everyone!
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