Tuesday, November 19, 2013


My coworkers and I have a few loves in this world. (in no particular order...)
1. Food, especially chocolate and candy and ice cream (especially especially when it's free)
2. The gospel of Christ
3. Our jobs at good ol' BYU Conferences and Workshops
4. Instagram
...I'm sure there are a lot more but that sounds about good to me.

And thus... #161forlife was born. We just had to share our love for food, each other, and our jobs with the world and scream it from the mountain tops that "we have the best job evaaaaaa!" and that "our bosses love us more than your bosses do!!!" (both real things I've put on insta, #noshame).

(And seriously, I swear 90% of the things I Instagram about are work, directed towards people at work, or work jokes... #ihavenolife #jkjk #butreally...)


  1. We decorate each other's desks in the best way possible for birthdays. Grumpy cat birthday memes, dream vacation destinations, and all the confetti you could ever want included. #bejealous
  2. Our office meetings always include ice cream. And if you work the next morning, then you can eat more and more of it. (Fact: Ice cream makes the best breakfast. College eating habits for the win!)
  3. And sometimes my boss makes an "Elf Yourself" video of me and my coworkers celebrating Christmas in true Texan style. Wanna check it out for yourself? I knew it. Here y'all go. Enjoy about two minutes of awesome elf-country dancing. (I'm the one with sunglasses in case you couldn't tell.)

Merry (very early) Christmas Y'all! xoxo C&W 161
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P.S. In case you are worried about me and my hashtagging habits: Yes, I am aware that hashtags don't work on blogger. I've got one thing to say about it... #longhairdontcare :)