Monday, October 28, 2013

Wisdom from Karrie

Y'all might already know this, but I am a Special Education major at BYU, emphasizing in Mild/Moderate Disabilities.

This is my first semester in the program, and it is crazy to think that this time next year I will be student teaching! I am so excited for the opportunities this path is going to bring into my life. My life has already been changed by this major, and will continue to be changed by this career.

I have learned how interesting behavior really is. And a little about why we do certain things.
I have learned how to communicate effectively with people, so you can achieve a common goal.
I have learned that we all can learn and achieve great things, even though it may not appear so.
I have learned about just a few of the amazing people in the world.

Take this teenage girl, Karrie, for instance.

She can teach us so many things you might not have ever expected to learn from a person with Down syndrome. By reading this short article I was reminded of things that are easy to forget...

I learned to love my body, no matter the size it is.
I learned to take risks and be courageous. Great things can happen when you are.
I learned to go after my own dreams.
I learned that I am beautiful. We all are.

I always joke that I hate people. But that couldn't be further from the truth. People, especially people like Karrie, remind me how much I truly love others. I love how inspiring other people are. I can be strengthened through them. Those around me can answer my prayers, comfort me, and give me power.

I can do hard things.
We all can.
But it is much easier if we work together.
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