Saturday, October 5, 2013

Starting now

I used to think that if I missed journaling [or blogging] for a long time that I had to catch up for all the missed time. But now then I had a realization that I don't. I don't have to make up for missed time. Sorry y'all, but you will just of missed the last 2+ months of my life. #itwasntthatexciting #sorrynotsorry #itwastootempting #ihadtoo Hahaha. I think hashtags are hilarious. Have y'all seen this? You should watch it; it's hilarious.

Also, I made a twitter... And I kinda like it. If ya wanna follow me, check it out here.

College is real y'all. This is my first semester in the Special Education program. And you know what that means? I'll be a real teacher in just over a year! Eek. I am sooo in love with my major. Like seriously. I love what I'm studying. It's the best thing in the world. I love BYU and I love my major.

Also, check out General Conference! It's awesome. It makes for a great weekend.
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