Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Good, better, or best

Whenever I pass someone on campus or at church or at the grocery store, we (both them and I are guilty) just ask "How are you doing?," and say "Good!" And thats pretty much all is said. Why are we always compelled to say good, even if we aren't doing good or even if we are doing amazing. We say good and go on our way.

Two friends of mine always asks me how I'm doing...Good? Better? Or best? Really think about the importance of that. There are a few reasons I love that simple question of "good, better, or best?"

It is positive.
I don't like dwelling on the negative, but it gives me an opportunity to differentiate between my days. I'm not doing the same everyday. Some days are better than others, and that is okay. It is okay that some days are hard, but even then there are parts of the day that are good, if not great. Find the happiness or the goodness in each day. It is possible.

It is sincere.
We sincerely ask how each other is doing. It is not a question we feel obligated to ask simple because it is socially acceptable. We don't answer it by saying "good" and move on. We talk about it. We ask each other why. It helps to rejoice together and console each other.

It is unique.
It started as a joke. I used to always put my hand under my chin when taking funny pictures. Then it evolved to sometimes under my chin, sometimes by my chin, and sometimes on the side of my cheek... My friend Matt always teased me for it, but now he even does it with me sometimes.

It reminds you that your friends really do care how you are actually doing. They do not just want an automatic response. There are people who sincerely want to know how you are doing. They want to be happy with you. They want to make you feel better if today has only been good. And they want to help you make tomorrow best.
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