Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dear roommates,

I LOVE Y'ALL. Seriously, y'all are really awesome. Here are some reasons that I love y'all:

I love how much we're obsessed with OREOS. Check it out... this was taken right after we had already used one package of oreos for oreo truffles...yeaaaah we probs have a problem.

We have the funniest quotes and inside jokes together. "I can squink with both eyes too!" "Hot tamales I'm sweaty!"

We made delicious dinner and stuffed our faces with it. But seriously, it was so great. (Even though y'all put 2 sticks of butter on the garlic bread... ha!)
We got hair wraps together. And you know what they say...roomies that relive the 90s together, stay together. They're so dang cool.

Our late night talks are the bomb dot com. Mostly because that's the only time everyone is home. But I love hearing funny stories from each of y'all. We always have some pretty dang great stories. Like Crysta's bus stories, Brittany's park stories, etc.

Three words: CAR. DANCE. PARTIES. (You know, the two times we've driven in a car together ha!) But still...Brittany's car had never seen so many great dance moves.

Three more words: Truth or dare. Hahhahaha like when Jess had to hit on the grocery store worker, fail.

Oh and we take really really hot pictures together.

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PS... Check out my awesome thrifted skirt!! Isn't that awesome!? I'm kinda-totally obsessed with it.