Monday, June 24, 2013

Picnic in the park...and hot tamales

So this one time my hot roommates and I (there are a few of us below) went to the park and had a picnic.

This super random and slightly extremely creepy guy kept walking past us. The first time he kept turning his head back at us so we waved and said "hi." After we waved he sprinted away like he thought we were going to stalk him or something. Then he came back by us, closer this time. And halfway past us screamed "HOT TAMALES I'M SWEATY!!!" or something to that effect... Uhhhh whaaaat?? So random. It was so dang weird. Then he came back a third and possible a fourth time. (I can't quite remember how many times...) So weird. But it's times that this that bring me and my roommates closer together.

Yet still so creepy.

Oh and remember...
"HOT TAMALES I'M SWEATY!" The hashtag is happening. Check it out on insta! #hottamalesimsweating
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There goes Summer Bucket List #76!
Also, Saturday I went on a date and we played in the sprinklers!! So worth getting wet. I love love loved it all. Summer time is so dang great (if you weren't sure of that yourself). There goes Summer Bucket List #37.