Saturday, June 29, 2013

My college eating habits

Oh man. My eating habits are not always the best....I'm pretty good about eating fruits and veggies, but I really should stop eating after like 8 or 9pm. Anyways--back to what this post is really about.

Niels is one of my best friends.

He served a mission for our church with my cousin. Then we became acquaintances and started hanging out and now we're bffz. fo' realz.

And this is why we're friends:
We go swimming.
And he drives me around in his awesome Jeep because he knows how much I love the top down.
He always listens to me complain/vent/talk through whatever is going on. (aka he's awesome and listens patiently)
We play truth or dare.
We're each other's wing-person.
We go to dollar movies all the time.
We watch the office.
And one of our favorite things to do is late night food runs. Seriously. It's a hardcore tradition with us. It's how we catch up on each other's lives and hear what's going on. We help each other out and share advice. Sometimes we have really deep conversations, other times we talk about the most trivial things ever.

The other night (don't judge our eating habits...sometimes it's been a long and rough week and all you need is food...) we went to In-N-Out, probs our favorite place to go. We chit-chatted it up there. Then we really needed something sweet. So we went to a crepe place and got a HUGE 24" crepe stuffed with nutella and bananas. Not going to lie, it was delicious. But...we had just eaten In-N-Out. Needless to say, probably shouldn't of eaten it, but it was delicious and it's been a loooong week.

(The real sad thing is that we just downed it. Like no struggle at all to finish this enormous thing.--don't judge)
(The even sadder that this other group of 4 people got this crepe to share. We got ours after them, and finished before them with half as many people. We don't joke around when it comes to late night food trips. We take those very seriously.)

Needless to say, we ENJOYED every bite. It was huge. And a ton of food, but so good. If you're ever in Provo go to the Roll Up on State St. It's delicious!
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PS -- isn't my headband cute?! Lately I'm getting back into headbands. They're AWESOME. Know any good places to get cheap, cute ones?? Or should I just make them?