Saturday, June 29, 2013

My college eating habits

Oh man. My eating habits are not always the best....I'm pretty good about eating fruits and veggies, but I really should stop eating after like 8 or 9pm. Anyways--back to what this post is really about.

Niels is one of my best friends.

He served a mission for our church with my cousin. Then we became acquaintances and started hanging out and now we're bffz. fo' realz.

And this is why we're friends:
We go swimming.
And he drives me around in his awesome Jeep because he knows how much I love the top down.
He always listens to me complain/vent/talk through whatever is going on. (aka he's awesome and listens patiently)
We play truth or dare.
We're each other's wing-person.
We go to dollar movies all the time.
We watch the office.
And one of our favorite things to do is late night food runs. Seriously. It's a hardcore tradition with us. It's how we catch up on each other's lives and hear what's going on. We help each other out and share advice. Sometimes we have really deep conversations, other times we talk about the most trivial things ever.

The other night (don't judge our eating habits...sometimes it's been a long and rough week and all you need is food...) we went to In-N-Out, probs our favorite place to go. We chit-chatted it up there. Then we really needed something sweet. So we went to a crepe place and got a HUGE 24" crepe stuffed with nutella and bananas. Not going to lie, it was delicious. But...we had just eaten In-N-Out. Needless to say, probably shouldn't of eaten it, but it was delicious and it's been a loooong week.

(The real sad thing is that we just downed it. Like no struggle at all to finish this enormous thing.--don't judge)
(The even sadder that this other group of 4 people got this crepe to share. We got ours after them, and finished before them with half as many people. We don't joke around when it comes to late night food trips. We take those very seriously.)

Needless to say, we ENJOYED every bite. It was huge. And a ton of food, but so good. If you're ever in Provo go to the Roll Up on State St. It's delicious!
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PS -- isn't my headband cute?! Lately I'm getting back into headbands. They're AWESOME. Know any good places to get cheap, cute ones?? Or should I just make them?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Picnic in the park...and hot tamales

So this one time my hot roommates and I (there are a few of us below) went to the park and had a picnic.

This super random and slightly extremely creepy guy kept walking past us. The first time he kept turning his head back at us so we waved and said "hi." After we waved he sprinted away like he thought we were going to stalk him or something. Then he came back by us, closer this time. And halfway past us screamed "HOT TAMALES I'M SWEATY!!!" or something to that effect... Uhhhh whaaaat?? So random. It was so dang weird. Then he came back a third and possible a fourth time. (I can't quite remember how many times...) So weird. But it's times that this that bring me and my roommates closer together.

Yet still so creepy.

Oh and remember...
"HOT TAMALES I'M SWEATY!" The hashtag is happening. Check it out on insta! #hottamalesimsweating
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There goes Summer Bucket List #76!
Also, Saturday I went on a date and we played in the sprinklers!! So worth getting wet. I love love loved it all. Summer time is so dang great (if you weren't sure of that yourself). There goes Summer Bucket List #37.

Kickin' it old school

Oh yeah. This happened. And it was  G R E A T .  Some awesome roommate bonding-Sunday afternoon activities. It was a total girl day. Hair wraps and painting our nails. Yeah, that happened. Sometimes you gotta take some time for yourself, right? :)

Crysta, Britt and I made a summer bucket list. And HAIR WRAPS were definitely on it. Checking that one off. It was so much fun. You make them just like friendship bracelets. So easy! And so much fun. I've been wanting to do something with my hair for a while and my great friend Kenzie inspired me to get one. It's a easy way to spice up your summer hair, without having to bleach or dye it (because that was the other option...). Plus it's a lot cheaper :)

I'm in love. With my hair wrap. If you see someone running around P-town screaming about a hair's probs me. No big deal.
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yeah, I'm pretty artsy

The other day some friends and I did some awesome artwork. And enjoyed one of my favorite things...ICE CREAM! Yeah, that's right. Ice cream sculpting contest!!

We made a truck and then some modern ice cream art. It was our personal take on Jackson Pollock and mixed with Vincent Van Gogh! Sprinkles and chocolate syrup included :)

Yeaaaah... It's been a pretty awesome summer. Check out how I'm doing on the "better things to do than drugs" summer bucket list challenge! :) It's not too late to join... Race to the finish. Jarrod, you're going down!
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oh what do you do in the summertime?

It's been a pretty fun summer so far. Here are some of the fun things I've accomplished. Coming from the better things to do than drugs list!
  • #4 -- I've been reading a lot, check out my Goodreads page to see specifically what I'm reading and what I think about each book. I just started "I am Number Four," and so far I'm really liking it!
  • #5 -- My roommates and I had a game night. We played lots of Uno and Phase 10!
  • #8 -- At a church activity a few weeks ago we all played frisbee and volleyball. Plus I've played frisbee several other times's been awesome.
  • #9 -- I am allowed to listen to music at work. So when I'm having a rough day or just need a little pick me up or some energy I just plug it and it works like a charm. Lately I've been jamming to Next to Me (I don't watch the music videos, but the song is just up beat and gets stuck in my head often :/ which is actually a bummer.)
  • #11 -- Life as a college kiddo includes lots of easy, fast meals. But I have an aunt who lives pretty close by and she always offers me Sunday dinner. And oh baby, she's a great cook! I love going to their house. Great company, great food. 
  • #13 -- I went to the Thanksgiving Point Tulip festival a while ago and man it smelt great!
  • #14 -- I went to my friends birthday party and we all drew pictures for her (she's an artist so it was something we all did for her, so fun!)
  • #21 -- The first week of summer, some friends and I had "Sunset Club" where we all drove up onto the mountains and watched the sunset. It was so much fun! Check the instagram pics out here and here. It was kinda, totally gorgeous!
  • #25 -- My brother Brett is a great writer and for mother's day he wrote our mom a poem. I love reading his poetry. Sometimes it's too deep for me to understand (he is soooo smart!), but I love reading his stuff. It's pretty awesome.
  • #30 -- At work I threw a party. CHOCOLATE DAY! 
  • #32 -- On Memorial Day two friends and I went to sing at one of their grandpa's grave. We sang his favorite hymn, "Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy."
  • #39 -- I have a puzzle buddy. We get our puzzle on! We finished one (and here too) and just started another.. 
  • #46 -- Last weekend I went up to Boise, ID and went boating with some friends. Anyways, we grilled some hot dogs and hamburgers and had a grand ol' time. But it wasn't complete without lemonade!!
  • #58 -- A buddy and I went to the park the other day because it was so dang gorgeous outside and swung. Oh my goodness....I LOVE SWINGS. The end. 
  • #62 -- My roommate and I did cartwheels at a church activity at the park!
  • #65 -- I went swimming a few weeks ago and there was a water basketball hoop, so I'm counting that! It was so fun to be in the water and play around with friends. I LOVE SUMMER!
  • #66 -- My parents came in town at the very beginning of summer. I love my parents. They're pretty darn amazing.
  • #70 -- I went to my Bishop's house a while ago and got to play around on their piano. I hadn't touched a piano in over 6 months. Oh man, I was rusty but it felt so good! 
  • #71 -- A date that I went on a few weeks ago we fished! My first time ever. Well, we didn't really fish for very long or actually catch anything...but we cast it out a few times and then went on a walk. I'm still counting it!

I can't really think of specific examples for these few... but they've happened many-a-time!
  • #1 get together with friends.
  • #2 watch a happy video. (youtube, need I say more??)
  • #6 do an activity.
  • #7 enjoy a hobby.
  • #17 smile! 
  • #18 make someone smile. 
  • #27 do a favor. 
  • #33 give a hug. 
  • #34 get a hug. 
  • #35 talk to friends.
  • #41 help a friend in need.
  • #49 exercise.
  • #59 eat ice cream. 
  • #77 think happy thoughts. 
  • #80 write to friends.
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I'm going to Boise, Idaho ... woohoo!

Has anyone seen the Singles Ward? Where the kid gets his mission call to Boise Idaho? Every time I hear of Boise I think of that.

I went on a road trip a few weekends ago with some friends to Boise to go boating. It was awesome! The water was coooooold, especially for this Texas girl. But it was so worth it.

We boated.
We grilled.
We watched movies.
We slept.
We ate.
We read.
We played.

All in all, it was a great weekend. So relaxing.
Every time I visit a real-actual house, I realize how much I miss real homes. I mean, my apartment is my home, but there's something different about a house.

But for reals. Where are y'all going to visit this summer?? Any awesome road trips or vacations planned? I'm hoping to go to California too! I've never been there...

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