Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dear apartment 5

Two of my best friends moved away, but before they left we did some hoodrat stuff! (If you haven't ever heard of that, go watch this video. NOW. You'll thank me later.) It was an awesome "Madi and the Boys" night. Which included: going to a nickel arcade, longboarding in the courtyard, watching Psych, and a late night run to get Jarrito's soda.

We rarely actually took pictures, despite how often we hung out (probs around 4 nights a least...) But finally we got our friendship documented!! It just took like 8 months to get there. :)

N & D (the two on the far left) are both gone for the summer. It's quite sad. But E and I are going to have a bombing summer here in Provo and can't wait for them to get back!

Hey Apt 5, thanks for being awesome friends. I've loved these last two semesters hanging out with y'all all the time. Thanks for providing me with a second home (I was almost there more than at my own apartment...). Can't wait for more great times when y'all get back and we can all be reunited!

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