Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday style

So for my new job I have to dress up, ya know, business casual. So I've gotten some slacks and khakis and stuff, but I'm still working on creatively putting together outfits and everyone says that by style blogging it helps. So I'm going to start documenting some outfits here and there...I don't think they're anything glamorous, it's really just for me to see what I've worn before and what I haven't. Hopefully it doesn't get annoying and hopefully I'm not a terrible dresser. I really don't want to dress frumpy, but businessy and cute.

:) Forgive me for the myspace-mirror shots... My roommates were gone and it was dark outside, maybe this week I can grab someone before it's dark and take them outside because IT'S GETTING WARM IN PROVO. SO STOKED. Seriously, check out the forecast. It's pretty great.

Also, spring is coming which means I can wear skirts. Which are seriously the bomb.
So I'm looking to get some cute knee & midi length skirts on the cheap.
Anyone know good places to look?

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