Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Four exciting things

So in increasing order of excitedness (yes excitedness), here are the four big-crazy-exciting things:

4.  For my New Testament class we write these little journal entries and share them with people and such. Well, one of my entries was chosen to be shared on an LDS website. Check it out here! It's about the apostle Paul and forgiveness. :) Please really do, it's super short!

3.  Last weekend was a long weekend. Thank you Presidents Day! I went up to my cousin's cabin with them and my brother just outside of Park City. It was gorgeous. We went snowmobiling (my first time and let me tell ya, I'm a huge fan!), played games, relaxed, and watched movies. It was awesome. I got to read...for fun! No textbooks, just straight up reading for funsies. But the most exciting part was...I didn't do a single thing of homework while we were gone! I did most before I left and a little after so that I wouldn't have to bring it with me. So dang nice.

2.  I got a new job!! I'm SO sad to be leaving Cougar Creations. Seriously, I had some great times there (exhibit a and b), and I'm going to miss it so much! But I'm pretty excited about my new job. I'm now working for BYU Conference's and Workshops, so I get to help with Women's Conference (which is amazing, seriously!) and some youth and adult summer camps for fine arts. Seriously exciting.

1.  I am officially a Special Education major, emphasizing in Mild/Moderate Disabilities! I've been accepted into the program, starting this fall. No more of that "pre-special ed" major stuff for exciting! And I'll be graduating in two years, so four years from start to finish for this girl (surprisingly not as common as you would think).

These are my happy-uncontrollable-crazy faces.
What are you happy about right now? I'm a firm believer in the fact that there is always something to be happy about!! (Any Pollyanna fans out there? The glad game? Anyone?)

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