Monday, February 25, 2013

Dollar movies and dates

Lately I've gone on a few dates ...that I asked guys to go on with me. Not like serious "i like you" kinda dates, just fun chill friend dates (example here). A few weeks ago my roommates and I decided to go on a group date. Jamie asked her fiance (surprise!), Makenzie asked a guy in our ward, and I asked a great friend of mine. And seriously...It was so much fun.

We planned to make pizookies and finger paint.
But our plans changed. We were talking for a while then decided we should probably make the cookies now. We just had so much fun talking and hanging out and messing around, and eating loads of sugar that we didn't even want to finger paint anymore. So we just talked and junk. Then my date's roommates were going to the dollar theater so some of us joined them and saw Wreck it Ralph. Which I hadn't seen before and LOVED! It ended up being a great date. It didn't go as planned, but seriously fun. (and then I found $5)

Moral of the story. Make pizookies on a date. It leads to loads of fun, well if you have a good date that is :)
Oh and if you need another date idea, finger paint! I've done it before and it was awesome too.

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Ps.. have you ever heard the phrase "and then I found $5/20/100"? I hadn't but, Kenz uses it all the time. It automatically livens up a story and it's a way to see if you're friend is paying attention to your otherwise boring story. So sadly no, I did not actually find $5, but I did have a great night.