Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cooking blindfolded

Introducing Nate and Eric.
(Okay they've actually been on here before, back when I didn't know them very well!)

They're some of by best friends! Tonight we all went on a date with my cousins, where we made cookies. But the trick of you is blind folded and the other has to give them directions (verbal only, no touching!) on where the ingredients and measuring cups and everything else are. So we scattered the ingredients around the room/counters and started talking, seriously so much fun. One of the funnest dates I've been on.

And I must say, they were some of the BEST peanut butter chocolate chip cookies I've ever had. So dang good. Plus we made them into homemade ice cream sandwiches, which is always a great thing to do. So grab some blindfolds, food and friends and get cooking!

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