Friday, January 4, 2013

Highlights of 2012

2012 was a pretty cool year. Here's why:

Started working up at school, at Cougar Creations.
First road trip with friends.
First trip to Las Vegas.
First speeding ticket, on the way home from Vegas.

First kiss.
First boyfriend.

Didn't have spring break for the first time.
(Couldn't come up with anything else for March..)

First boyfriend and I broke up.
My roommates and I went salsa dancing.
Went on my first date with an RM.
Almost got kicked out of my dorm, but instead got put on behavioral contract (not as big of a deal as it seems, and it was just for some little pranks) for the first and last time.
My brother Cameron and Janet got engaged.
Finished my freshman year of college.
Moved back home for the summer.
Started working back at Powr-Flite again, my job during high school.

My nephew Braxton turned one.
My best friend Devon left for his mission to Veracruz Mexico.

Dyed some white jeans green, trying to be all crafty and pinterest-y.
My brother Brett got home from his mission.
Janet came to visit the family and meet the family.

Sewed a few laptop cases with the help of mom at first, then by myself.
Mom, Brett, and I road tripped to Utah.
Cameron and Janet got married.
I was a bridesmaid in their wedding.

I was a bridesmaid in Maren's wedding.
Moved back to Provo.
Moved into my new apartment, off campus.
Started my sophomore year of college.
Changed my major to special education.

Roommates and I went country dancing for the first time.
Redesigned my blog, all by myself.

Turned a dress into a skirt, my first refashion.

My mom came out Utah to visit.
My roommate Sophia got her mission call to Honolulu, Hawaii.

My roommates and I rented a puppy.
My first niece Macie was born!

Other accomplishments, but not in any particular month:
Became a master at braiding my own hair.
Baked a tonnnn, in the summer mostly.
My roommate Makenzie and I became obsessed with blogging, fall semester mostly.
Read a ton, in the summer mostly.
Went through several journals.
Made lots of oreo truffles winter semester, with the roomies.
Made tooooons of friends.

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