Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Back to school

...but really that just means 'back to procrastinating on homework.'

I kid, I kid. I've actually kept up really well. We're almost done with the third week of school and so far I am really loving my classes. I'm taking my last few generals, so a history class and two religion classes, then two special education classes and a weightlifting class. Woohoo for almost being done with all my generals :D Me = VERY HAPPY.

I don't know if y'all know this, but I'm studying Special Education and I love love love it. I'm just taking the pre-req's right now. But seriously, they're so cool. I love the discussions we have, and I even enjoy reading our textbooks (not always, but sometimes!), and pretty much they're just super duper cool classes and professors and classmates. So facinating!!

Oh yeah, so back to procrastinating.
So lately I've found a few new websites to keep me occupied:

Pinterest, You Are Drunk: Hahah similar to Pinterest Fail, but just related to all things dumb, random, and impractical on pinterest. There goes tonight's homework (just kidding!!).

Dear Girls Above Me: Okay this one sometimes is just soo dang ridiculous that I don't believe it. But nonetheless, still pretty funny, and took about 45 minutes of my time on day... don't judge.

This is Why I'm Broke: Simply the most random stuff available on the internet and where to buy it!

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: A Pride and Prejudice based YouTube show. 'Nuff said.

So hopefully I'm not distracting y'all from whatever it is you're supposed to be doing, oh wait...that's exactly what I'm doing. Welp, good luck to you all!

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Chilly is an understatement

"YAY IT'S WINTER!" said no one ever.

It has been so darn cold here in Provo! Seriously. When I walk to class in the mornings it's been like -2 and 5, with highs for the day being around 15 degrees. No bueno. Gloves, scarves, coats, boots, socks, and hats are doing their all to keep me warm. So. Many. Layers.

But you want to know the real tragedy? These poor people of LA having to deal with these unbelievable temperatures...I mean seriously, how are they surviving??

HAHAH just kidding. That's not cold at all. I wish that was the type of "cold" I had to deal with, but instead I'll cuddle up with some blankets and my roommates and endure this winter. Stay warm y'all :)
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ft. Worth visits

Over Christmas break my family and I went to several bomb awesome places in my favorite city of Ft. Worth. So if you're ever over there here are some places that I've recently discovered that y'all should definitely hit up.


Sadly I forgot to get pictures of the actual food, but oh man. It was awesome. They had plenty of trucks to choose from. Here were two of our favorites:
The Butcher's Sons had these amazing sliders! Our favorites were Southern Hospitality (fried chicken, white gravy, and mashed potatoes on a roll) and Mac-N-Beefy (mac-n-cheese, bbq sauce, and pulled pork on a roll). They also had some great tater tots with all sorts of toppings. We got Voodoo tots (tots with curry and meat and junk) and man, they were delish.
Then we hit up Red Jett Sweets for some cupcakes. They were on Food Network's Cupcake Wars and seriously, one of the best cupcakes I've ever had (if not the best!). Sooo good. The Coconut was my favorite, and I don't even like coconut!


Just around the corner from the Food Park was the Beer Can Man! This is his actual house. He just started stringing up all these cans years ago, but then the city made him take it all down. So then he started again, and the city was okay with it then. Some of them are cut into little's pretty intense. I love Fort Worth locals!
Me and Brett, my bro. Then me and the Beer Can Man. A shot of the whole place.

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Highlights of 2012

2012 was a pretty cool year. Here's why:

Started working up at school, at Cougar Creations.
First road trip with friends.
First trip to Las Vegas.
First speeding ticket, on the way home from Vegas.

First kiss.
First boyfriend.

Didn't have spring break for the first time.
(Couldn't come up with anything else for March..)

First boyfriend and I broke up.
My roommates and I went salsa dancing.
Went on my first date with an RM.
Almost got kicked out of my dorm, but instead got put on behavioral contract (not as big of a deal as it seems, and it was just for some little pranks) for the first and last time.
My brother Cameron and Janet got engaged.
Finished my freshman year of college.
Moved back home for the summer.
Started working back at Powr-Flite again, my job during high school.

My nephew Braxton turned one.
My best friend Devon left for his mission to Veracruz Mexico.

Dyed some white jeans green, trying to be all crafty and pinterest-y.
My brother Brett got home from his mission.
Janet came to visit the family and meet the family.

Sewed a few laptop cases with the help of mom at first, then by myself.
Mom, Brett, and I road tripped to Utah.
Cameron and Janet got married.
I was a bridesmaid in their wedding.

I was a bridesmaid in Maren's wedding.
Moved back to Provo.
Moved into my new apartment, off campus.
Started my sophomore year of college.
Changed my major to special education.

Roommates and I went country dancing for the first time.
Redesigned my blog, all by myself.

Turned a dress into a skirt, my first refashion.

My mom came out Utah to visit.
My roommate Sophia got her mission call to Honolulu, Hawaii.

My roommates and I rented a puppy.
My first niece Macie was born!

Other accomplishments, but not in any particular month:
Became a master at braiding my own hair.
Baked a tonnnn, in the summer mostly.
My roommate Makenzie and I became obsessed with blogging, fall semester mostly.
Read a ton, in the summer mostly.
Went through several journals.
Made lots of oreo truffles winter semester, with the roomies.
Made tooooons of friends.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Well, we survived 2012

A good friend of mine said that new years is the perfect time to remember the blessings you have been given. To recognize all of the things the Lord has done for you. He challenged me to write down those blessings, to remember, and to be thankful for everything I have. I think that is a perfect way to start out the new year.. I challenge y'all to do the same. :)

Happy new year y'all!

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