Thursday, December 20, 2012


My parents are awesome, 1st edition.
They waited to decorate for Christmas, since I'm the one who still makes them decorate, until I got home since it's my favorite. Man they love me.

So as my mom and I were decorating she hands me our tree skirt and I decided to give it another purpose, because things with two purposes are so much cooler (example -- pillow pet, need I say more?). I've decided to call it the (tree)skirt, since it's a skirt no matter what! (Patent pending...) Naturally I need a table runner/shawl as well (I prefer to call it a shrunner).

What do you think? Does this make me a stylish-fashionista-thrifty blogger girl?!

I have now decided I want a tutu, preferably not a burlap one though! Dear Santa... :)

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