Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snowy Sunday

It snowed this morning!

Jamie (JB, James, Jam Jam), me (Maddawg, Mad Gab, Mads), and Makenzie (Kenz, Mickey K, Z) and I woke up to a snowy Sunday morning! Naturally we had to take post-church pictures.
 I'm wearing: glasses (Eyemasters ha), cream shirt with awesome angel wing like sleeves (thrifted), black lace skirt (JCP), purple tights (Hue brand, from Marshalls), and black suede wedges (Famous Footwear).

And now for some snow pictures.
We tried taking cute outfit pictures, adorable poses and such buuuut it wasn't working ...instead we just started dancing around and taking pictures. It's much more our style. Plus it produced hilarious, awesome, adorable pictures. Enjoy!

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