Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I live in a college town. I stayed in said college town during Thanksgiving break.
Have you ever been to a college town during a holiday break?
It's like a ghost town (okay, not really, but it is veeery empty).

I kinda really really liked it...

Don't get me wrong. I love people. And I was ecstatic for my roommates and friends to come back. But I still did enjoy the empty little town. It was kinda awesome.


In other news...I had a rockin' weekend. Take a look.
Be jealous. (Okay not really, I'm sure your weekend was good too...but seriously, mine was awesome!)
1. My fake-baby-brother JP/Baby J/Jordan was in town! (How is he a fake brother you ask? First off, he is a real person, so that is not how he is fake. It's the brother part that isn't quite real.. you see, he moved in with my family when I was a senior in high school and became my unofficial-brother. All you need to know is that he is Baby J and he is really cool.)

2. I'm pretty much the coolest college kid you know. I made a blanket fort on a Friday night.
In case you weren't aware of this fact: blanket forts are the bomb. Need I say more?

3. The BYU basketball game! We got the sweet "Chicago to Provo" t-shirts.. JABARI PARKER: COME TO BYU! YOU WILL LOVE IT! He was at the game. I was on the fourth row. It was amazing. You should probably be jealous.
(In case you're not sure who the heck Jabari Parker is, check him out here and here. He's ranked number 2 in the nation for basketball and is being recruited by several of the top colleges in the nation, he is awesome.)

Us BYU Cougars want Jabari bad. Check this out.

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