Thursday, November 29, 2012

"I hope they call SOPHIA on a mission....."

I had to make a change to the wonderful song "I hope they call me on a mission!" Because it is actually my roommate who is going on a mission.

Sophia got her call tonight. 

(Get ready for photo overload...) We were all so dang excited for her! Naturally we had to take a million and one pictures. Seriously, we could not contain our excitement! Plus our roommate from last year, Christina, came over. We love and miss her so much!
Patiently waiting for friends to come over. For parents to be on skype. (Well worth the wait!)



Annnnnnd...She's going to the HAWAII HONOLULU MISSION!!!

Congrats Soph. I'm so so so happy for you!!! You will be greatly missed, but you're doing great things. :)

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