Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Days of gratitude: six

I love getting to share clothes with my roommates. I'm so thankful that they're so nice to let me borrow their clothes :) Today the only thing I wore today that was my own was my shoes and watch..

Take today for instance: Sophia and I both wore Kenz's clothes. Check it out.
shirt: thrifted (current roomie's, Kenzie)
jeans: Kohl's (roomie's, Danyelle)
shoes: Shoe Carnival (Born of Concept brand, so they're dang comfy!)
watch: Fossil outlet

Kenz: wore all her own clothes, good for her.
Soph: wore all of Kenz's clothes, except for her vest and shoes!

Oh and check out Sophia's blog...teaser: she talked about hood rats!!

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