Thursday, November 1, 2012

Days of gratitude: one

Kenz is seriously amazing. Here's another reason: she's writing what she's grateful for each day until Thanksgiving. Here is her first post. So pretty much, since she's so dang cool, I'm copying her (and joining her!) on sharing what I'm grateful for too!


Today I am thankful for, well a lot of things, but specifically my coworkers. I pretty much have the best job ever, and work with the best people ever! We have so much fun together and they help me out if I'm having a bad da.

Sometimes we share candy or a maple bar. Other times we have serious conversations and they give me great advice. They will help me laugh when I need it (especially with these two videos: one and two ... side note, camels are my favorite animal.) Seriously though, they're pretty dang awesome.


I am grateful to be surrounded by people that care about me and make working fun!
I also learned that I need to take pictures with them more often! These are so old, but still love them!

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