Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Days of gratitude: nineteen and twenty


Yesterday I watched "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving." I had forgotten how much I loved Charlie Brown!! (I can't wait to watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas!") It just reminded me of childhood; I remember watching all three Charlie Brown movies every holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas). It was always so much fun.

Look at the awesome Thanksgiving scene my coworker made for our work!


Today I'm grateful for quotes.

Especially finding awesome quotes on pinterest, or when I need a pick me up or something I can just go look at my quotes board. Yeah, ridiculous I know, but seriously it helps! Here are some of my favorite quotes. What is one of yours?

Especially cute quote printables! I found these super cute ones from Kensie Kate [blog and etsy]. She has made some adorable prints with some of my favorite quotes ever. I'm loving her blog too. Y'all should definitely check out her blog/shop!!

Quotes are just so great. They can make you feel happy, realize what you need to do better, realize that it's okay that you're not perfect, empower you. Seriously. I love quotes. I have a journal dedicated specifically to quotes.

[All from Kensie Kate!]

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