Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Days of gratitude: fourteen

Oh was awesome. Wanna know why? Three reasons.

ONE: Because I got a free lunch. Thank you BYUSA for pizza and BYU International Study Programs for popcorn and a donut!

TWO: And in my American Humanities class a student came in and breakdanced for us! It was so awesome. Plus we watched awesome youtube videos and listened to hiphop/rap much fun. We're studying hip hop and rap right now, so we watched the video below.. I know it isn't Christmas yet, but I still had to share.

THREE: My dear Texas friend Janine got her mission call today! She's going to Brazil Joao Passoa, leaving March 27. I'm so happy for her.

Enjoy this fabulous music video. I thoroughly enjoyed it, I hope you do too!!

I can't choose one thing, so I'm thankful for a few things today.. free food, friends, and awesome music!

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