Monday, November 5, 2012

Days of gratitude: five

I'm so glad that it is Monday! Surprising I know, who really likes Mondays? But often I truly do!! Today was very productive, I got a lot done, and sometimes it's nice to go back to school and work after a good weekend. Mondays (and the rest of the week too) make the weekend that much better. If it was always the weekend, without responsibility and commitments, then we would take it for granted.

Usually people think of Mondays like this...

But I prefer to look at Mondays like this (which is not always easy)...
1   2   3

Today is a great day.
Mondays can be amazing.
I love productive days!

Today wasn't even extra special for any particular reason, just an all around good day. School, work, and homework. YAY! Then FHE, gym, and more homework. It doesn't make sense to love today so much, but I just do. :)

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