Sunday, October 21, 2012

Top five: Sunday is a great day.

Today was a great Sunday. Five things that made today extra amazing:

My big brother Brett randomly showed up at my apartment. Then he joined us for dinner. I just love him so dang much! I love how often we hang out and that we aren't just family, we're friends too. :) He's da besssst.

Facetiming with my Momma, sis-in-law Lainie and nephew Braxton! He's a year and a half and is talking now and it was just so much fun. He said some words for me then we gave each other high fives for a while and even blew kisses. Seriously made this aunt's day! He also tried to share his treats with me, but was kinda sad when I couldn't actually take them. Love that kid (and his momma and my momma) to death. They're some aweeesome people. Cannot wait to see them at Christmas!

Dinner and nap parties with my FHE brothers. First we all stuffed our faces, with some delicious taco soup and homemade peach cobbler, then had a huge nap party because we were so full. For seriousness though, they're some amazzzing guys.

Singing Disney songs at the top of our lungs with my fab roomie, Kenz, while we were cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes. (Then accidentally hitting her in the head with a spoon I was drying off, but we don't have to mention that part, right?)

Roomie pillow talk. AKA Kenz and I trying to figure out our lives. It's great fun ...NOT. But oh well, we have each other and that's something, right?? Hahah yaaay life planning.

And a great quote for the week: (via)

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