Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BYU Cowgirl

Here are a few things to be happy about, or a few things to say YAY about:

YAY Cowboy boots. Seriously, I love being from Texas, having Texas pride, and wearing my cowboy boots! Or I guess cowgirl boots :)

YAY awkward pictures in my apartment, literally seconds before I changed into sweats for the rest of the night. This is college life. School, work, homework, sleeeeeep (as much or as little as you can get, depending on the night). Seriously though, I live by the following:
...come on, I'm sure you do it some days too! Last year was bad...this was me (and my roommates) practice every single day. This year, not as bad, but still pretty dang often. Oh well, I look cute on campus, that's enough right?

YAY taking two midterms today! (and I still have another for tomorrow...not yay) ...Speaking of that last midterm, I better get back to studying. Later y'all!

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