Monday, October 22, 2012

BYU big kid fun

I can't believe how great this Monday was, hopefully the rest of the week can be just as great. I had some good clean fun, last year my roommate Christina dubbed it "BYU big kid fun!" And tonight was full of it, here's how:


First off I finished my paper! Woot woot. But what's even more exciting is that I went to the BYU Museum of Art (or MOA, because BYU loooves their acronyms, pronounced mow-uhhhh) and looked at their exhibit, Think Flat, which features art by Andy Warhol and Takashi Murakami. I loved it and want to go back a million times. Seriously, if you're in Provo or Utah or something check it out. It's well worth it. (My favorite part was probably the Warhol's endangered animal series.)


For FHE we had a caramel apple bar. So much fun! We sliced up our apples to share with everyone, some melted caramel to dip them in, and crushed up oreos to put on top. An easy, delicious fall treat! So grab some friends and enjoy.


Since all of my homework was done (that's what's up!) I went to the gym with some friends then we went hot tubbing! We met some new friends, laughed a ton, and got all pruned.

Everything together made for a great Monday!
What was your favorite part of your Monday?

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