Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wedding Time!

Y'all might of heard, but my brother Cameron got married this summer! And I'm finally posting some pictures. So just pretend I posted this like a month ago and we're good to go!

Cameron and Janet got married on July 28 in the Draper Utah Temple.

It was so gorgeous. Janet is so gorgeous. I love having her as part of the family. She's pretty dang awesome. :) Congrats again y'all. Love you two!!

Plus, weddings are awesome because the entire family gets together, which doesn't get to happen to often. So we had to document.

1. All of the Thorpe's, and then some!
2. Aubrey (sister), me, and Lainie (sis-in-law)
3. Me, Momma, and Aubrey
4. Again.. we have fun together.
5. Me and my bud Braxton! My nephew is so cute. And getting soooo big.
6. Finally, me and the lovely bride. Janet, you're awesome! I love you sis!! :)

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