Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SInce I've been home...

...I have helped mom made little plaques for Young Women's.

...I have helped mom make a sample clipboard for YW's.

...I have worked all day, er'ry day.

...I have hung out with my family a ton!

...I went to the zoo with my cousin Melinda and her son Easton!

...I have eaten out a TON. No more.

...I have gone boating, yay!!

...I had to repair my computer..but the Apple store is sooo awesome and helpful so that was pretty easy actually!

...I have sewn two laptop cases (and I'm debating making one more!) (here)

...I have gone to two Rangers games, I love baseball.

...My brother got home :D

...I have baked a ton. and gathered a ton of new favorite recipes. Yay! (pumpkin muffins, snickerdoodles, pizookies)

...I dyed some jeans green! (here)

...I got to go to my friend's farewell! Spencer is such a great guy, he'll do amazing things in Berlin, Germany!

...and I'm leaving in two weeks!

Crazy how fast this summer has gone by... I think I've been rather productive and crafty! Which is exactly what I wanted this summer to be. This summer = SUCCESS.

I'm so stoked to go back to Provo, but I'm sad to leave Texas. It'll be okay, I'll take my Texas pride with me and be just fine.

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