Monday, July 30, 2012


My first post back in Utah...eeek!

It's official, I'm back in Utah! See ya later Texas..I'll miss you dearly!
Here's a little preview of my Texas summer via instagrams.

1. Jacqueline and I at the lake. She's going to be joining me at BYU in the fall!! YAAAY.
2. Rangers game with the fam!
3. Mom and I at the game.
4. My family is seriously the best. Apparently Dad didn't get the funny pic memo.
5. So Brett has picked up this habit of lifting up his head/chin for's funny.
6. My new Texas Pride necklace! Yeah, I am that obsessed with Texas. :)
7. Texas road trip to my sister's! I loooove the country.
8. My new laptop case. My momma sure knows the way to my heart...Deep in the heart of Texas!
9. Me and the nephew. Braxton is the coolest 14 month old baby alive!
10. My good friend Stephanie. I'm going to miss her!!
11. Texas thunderstorm on the left, and heaven's light shining through the clouds on the right. Gotta love that view.
12. We made it!!! UTAAAAAH.
13. Reunion time. My awesome roomie Sophia (and here!) and I got to see each other again.
14. At my brother's wedding. Seriously, this kid is the coolest ever. Seriously. Miss him sooo much.

Oh yeah....MY BROTHER'S MARRIED! No, not Brett (the one who just got home from his mission!), but the older one--Cameron! CONGRATS AGAIN CAM AND JANET! Love you both so so so much. More pictures to come :)

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