Sunday, July 8, 2012

An Outfit Post?

Happy Sunday Y'all!

I don't know about you, but man oh man do I love Sundays. Today my nephew [and his brother and sis-in-law] came over! Plus a few friends from church. It's always a blast to have people over for dinner.

Today was extra fun because of this fabulous new skirt I got. You know that whole "short in the front, long in the back skirt" trend? Well, I've been skeptical, but I have now jumped on the bandwagon! This one's pretty simple and not too extreme so I hoped I could pull it off!

And, I would say it was a success! I got several compliments [eeek!], and that always makes a girl feel good. One even from Katelyn (this super cute girl from church who rocks all sorts of styles, of who/whom I'm super jealous--fashion wise that is), which I slightly freaked out on the inside about.

So while today's outfit was a little outside my comfort zone, it turned out just splendid. It's all about the confidence, right?

Today I figured I'll share a little bit about me. Linking up to Rags to Stitches, here's to our little coffee date. If we were to have a coffee date, here's how it would go down...

First off...I would text you before hand and ask if we could go on not-actually-coffee coffee date. Maybe a Sonic happy hour, ice cream, or snow cone date! Because I loooove those things, they make people happy, and [in my own odd opinion, please don't judge me?] coffee smells disgusting. Plus it's summer. Need I say more?

...In the case that we end up at Sonic I would insist that you try my classic cherry limeade with vanilla easy ice. Seriously the best drink ever. I have never met anyone who doesn't like it. Go to Sonic and try it. Now. On the real though, you won't be disappointed, unless for some abnormal reason you don't like cherry or limeades. In that case, I won't be offended.

...I would tell you all about my summer. Which hasn't been terribly eventful, except for the fact that my brother Brett got home from his mission! Besides that I would tell you about my job. And squeal in excitement over going back to Utah here in....2 weeks!

...I would ask you all about your interests and fill you in on some of my new favorites. Including baking! Yum. Ask you what your favorite dessert is. Maybe even swap a recipe or two.

...Then, as our time comes to an end, we would make plans to craft or maybe even try out thrifting together [because you know...I've never gone!] very soon!

So, if you're craving some ice cream, hit me up! I'm always up for a scoop.
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