Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Things

Hey y'all. This last weekend was pretty busy! I went down and visited my sister and her husband in Austin, Texas. Which was soooo much fun.

And this is my last full week in Texas!

Right now I'm super happy about some random things. And sooo extremely grateful for them too.

One being my new glasses! Such a random thing to be so excited for but oh man! I love them. Check them out for yourself. If you like them, I agree! If you don't, then just smile and keep your mouth shut. Hahaha just kidding, I won't be offended.

Another thing I'm super happy about is my journal. It was just a cheap pack of three little notebooks from Target that I just love. I love filling journals up with my thoughts, ramblings, random quotes I find, and memories. So fun to look back on. I'm sure my posterity will think I'm crazy in a good or bad way when they look back at these ha!

My laptop case is pretty much the coolest thing eva! My momma made it for me while I was down in Austin. It's a Texas flag, but made with cuuuute blue&purple and red&pink fabric instead of the classic red, white, and blue. I'm pretty much in love. Picture later, maybe. Hopefully :)

Reading is something else that has been making this summer the bomb dot com (as my dear roomie Jamie would say). I don't get to read enough during the school year, books of my choice that is.

And one more thing that has been making me happy friends and family! They are (Y'all are...) seriously the bomb. I love love love getting to spend time with y'all and talk to y'all and hang out. Family-I am going to miss you soo much when I go back up to Utah! Ry&Lain, I love it when y'all come over and Braxton of course too! Mom&Dad y'all are the best parents ever. Seriously. Y'all have taught me so much and I'm so grateful for y'all. Friends-Can't wait to be reunited with you soon!!! Talking on the phone, texting, and skyping have all been a blast this summer, but I cannot wait to hang out with y'all in person. On the real. Can't wait for more good times to come!

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Ps...Did I say y'all enough? :) All my BYU (non-Texan) friends would make fun of how often I said y'all and sometimes even count them. So, anybody got a number?? :P