Thursday, May 31, 2012

T-Minus Two Weeks!

Only TWO weeks until my big brother, Brett, comes home from his mission.

Aren't we adorable!?
I love that picture of us.
So cute. So little. So innocent.

Yes Ms. Jamie Beck, I bought a maxi skirt and it's striped (I have an obsession with stripes) and here it is:

So down here in the great state of Texas I've been doing the following:

hanging out with family.


seeing a few friends from school.


eating a lot of good food. (such as barbecue...oh how I've missed it!)

collecting laundry quarters.

working, a lot.

skyping my roommates. <3 y'all. taking my computer to the apple store, twice. going to the zoo.


and straight chilling.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Most of May via Instagram!

So, I got a smart phone.
And now I have Instagram! If you would like, follow me @madithorpe :)

And since I'm a terrible blogger who rarely posts..the easiest way to sum up my month (well, most of it at least) is through a few little instagram pictures I've snapped along the way!

Alas, the smart phones arrived!

Oh ya know, just chilling and watching Netflix

I love getting serenaded via skype by my lovely roomie Jamie <3

Adventures in Dallas getting the famous Sprinkles Cupcakes!
They were to die for. No joke.

My adorable nephew turned one!!!

Sending off two of my dear friends on there missions.
To Paraguay and Germany...See y'all in two :)

BBQ = YUMMMMM. I love Hard Eights.
If you're ever in the Dallas area..
..hit it up, you won't be sorry.

Made AMAZING peanut butter chocolate chip cookies with my sister in law, Lainie!!
Seriously though..they're the best ones I've ever had.
And they stayed's the recipe (thank you Pinterest hah!)

/Yesterday my best friend, Devon, went into the MTC!
[MTC = Mission Training Center...missionaries go there to help them learn the language and further prepare for their mission!]

Well, that's my quick and easy sum for most of the month of May!

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Smarty pants!

I got a smart phone...what a huge step for my parents! Haha so I'm posting this using my phone..pretty cool, right? :)