Monday, April 2, 2012

New Journal

Well I don't know about y'all, but I love getting new journals.
I love getting to look back on my completed journals, see how my writing has changed, and see what all has gone on in my life since I started it.

Journals are the best.
If you don't journal, I highly recommend it.
Just start writing, anything and everything. Then you will find things to write about. It helps me get everything out there. Especially after general conference this last weekend, if you don't write in a journal regularly, now is the perfect time to start. Write down something about your favorite talk or how you felt after one of the sessions.

Here's my new one!

Other ideas of what to write about:
The first thing you can remember from your life.
Your favorite birthday.
All about your first date.
Your favorite scar and how you got it.
A recap of your weekend.
The best thing that happened last week.
One thing your grateful for each day.
Your favorite grade in school.

I think it can be the most fun to write about random little things like these. They're just as important to write down as what is going on now in your crazy life.

Good luck journaling! Find a way to enjoy it. It can be such a great stress reliever and one of the best ways to get out what you're feeling. I know writing it all down always helps me out! Plus, I always try and write one good thing that happened or something I'm grateful for when I am having a bad day. It helps brighten things up!

Keep on writing!

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