Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Freshman year is over say what!

Today is the day.
It is the last day of classes.
The last day of classes of my freshman year of college!

I can't believe it went by sooooo fast.
I've had some amazing times up here, but honestly it will be nice to take a break and go home from the summer. Here I come Texas! Oh how I've missed you, my family, and your BBQ. Can't wait until we reunite in just two weeks.

Buuuut... Before I can leave here's the to do list:

1. Finals-I have one paper, one project, and three tests.

2. Packing-My entire room and all my belongings..yaaaaaay.

3. Well, pretty much that's it.. :)

4. Actually no. I have to say goodbye to my friends :,( Very sad. I love them to death, it's going to be really hard to say goodbye. Especially to my dear friends going on missions. They are going to be serving all over the world! My very bestest friends are going to.. Japan and Mexico! But I have other super awesome tight friends going to Florida, Argentina, Paraguay, New York, Ukraine, Germany, TEXAS, Spain, and uhhh Mozambique! How awesome is that!?!? I'm super duper stoked for them. But oh baby am I going to miss those awesome boys! They're pretty much the bomb diggity.

Me and Kenz

We are going to be roomies next year. I'm so so so excited! She's pretty awesome, but sometimes she doesn't wash her hair..haha! Just kidding. We just love ICE CREAM. Since today is the last day of classes, it's WAFFLE CONE DAY! We soooooo excited.

Hi Chandler.

He's actually really studious... Well as in, he pays more attention than we [Kenz and I] do..But a lot of times he just sleeeeeps. But he's from Texas, so it's a-okay!

Me, Kenz, Chandler, and Kaleb

Hahahhaha. We just love Kaleb. Maybe we'll even start tweeting because of him. He keeps trying to convince Kenz & I that tweeting is the bomb dot com.. We're pretty skeptical, but maybe one day :)


But it's okay....She's as harmless as a fly. :D


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