Monday, March 19, 2012

Typical College Weekend

Wow, I haven't done this is a while!
Here's the weekend rundown:

1. School.
Enough said.

2. Work.
Yeah, I work Friday nights, but it's not too terrible because we close at 8pm!

3. Hung out.
Watched some MARCH MADNESS!
I don't know about you, but my bracket isn't doing too hot..

1. Intramural Basketball Game.
...Not mine, Cam's! Janet and I went to watch him play. THEY WON. Way to be, brotha.

2. Ward Activity.
We played Human Battleship (we threw Twinkies--awesome) and Human Foosball. Plus some oh-so-lovely snacky-snacks.

3. Work.
I don't normally work on Saturdays, but I picked up an extra shift. Yay.

4. Date.
...It was fun... Made dinner, talked a lot, and watched some Modern Family. I love that show!

1. Church.

2. FHE Family Dinner.

3. Actual Family Dinner.

4. Homework.

It was a great Sunday. So much fun at both family dinner's, got to see my cousins, love them. Church was great! I love my ward--it's awesome.

So pretty much it was a typical weekend up at college.
A ton of staying up late, a little bit of sleep.
A lot of fun, a little bit of work.

Annnnnndd... me and the roommates discovered a few Youtube and SNL gems. :)

This is the better one. Watch it!! If you've ever seen High School Musical, you have to watch HSM 4. It's hilarious.

And, this one is a bit more obnoxious, but nonetheless hilarious and you will find yourself singing it randomly. Enjoy, Can't Hug Every Cat.

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