Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weeeeekend Time.

Yeaaaah budddy... I love the weekends. They are great!
Especially this one because it's GENERAL CONFERENCE!
See here.

So, my roommates and I went to this mornings session. And I'm going to tomorrow mornings session with my brother! And I'm going to tomorrow afternoons session with my roommates. So much fun. I'm such a lucky girl.

Getting to be in the same room as so many general authorities of the church and getting to hear them speak in person is such a neat experience. If you haven't ever been to conference before, I highly recommend making a special trip to go! I hadn't ever been until last October. But I'm now hooked and will hopefully be able to go to one session each conference as long as I live in Utah.

After conference today, we went to the new mall by Temple Square, City Creek Center. And boy oh boy is it nice! Top notch right there. It's an outdoor mall and we cut through it to go to conference and didn't even realize that it was the mall til we were half way through it! It's so pretty and doesn't have the complete commercial feel of a normal mall. It's classy!

Three Things I'm Thankful For:

General Conference
Hearing from the prophet and simply receiving two days of spiritual enlightenment. It is so amazing. I've never been more thankful for it in my life. I can't explain how much I love general conference. I always took it for granted when I was growing up, but it is so inspiring.

...and extended family in general. I am staying up at my Grandpa's house for the weekend and man have I missed being in a home. It's such a great feeling that you probably aren't quite thankful for until you've been living in a tiny dorm room for sometime.. I have also just missed my Grandpa. He is so awesome. He loves watching movies with me and is so cool. He's 81 and he has an iPhone 4, iPad, 3 computers, and 2 HDTV's. Hahah...Man he loves technology! Plus he is soooo talented. He has a wood shop and makes all of this furniture. Such a stud.
Plus I got to hang out with my Aunt, cousins, and their little kids during Priesthood session. So so so great. Love them so much.

This advice from the awesome Bishop Olsen:
It is not enough just to be thankful for things, but you must act upon those things. They must drive you to do right and strive to do better.

Oh and the MTC Choir that sang at the afternoon session today, yeah I knew two of those AWESOME missionaries! Plus did you see Elder Archuleta!?!

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Typical College Weekend

Wow, I haven't done this is a while!
Here's the weekend rundown:

1. School.
Enough said.

2. Work.
Yeah, I work Friday nights, but it's not too terrible because we close at 8pm!

3. Hung out.
Watched some MARCH MADNESS!
I don't know about you, but my bracket isn't doing too hot..

1. Intramural Basketball Game.
...Not mine, Cam's! Janet and I went to watch him play. THEY WON. Way to be, brotha.

2. Ward Activity.
We played Human Battleship (we threw Twinkies--awesome) and Human Foosball. Plus some oh-so-lovely snacky-snacks.

3. Work.
I don't normally work on Saturdays, but I picked up an extra shift. Yay.

4. Date.
...It was fun... Made dinner, talked a lot, and watched some Modern Family. I love that show!

1. Church.

2. FHE Family Dinner.

3. Actual Family Dinner.

4. Homework.

It was a great Sunday. So much fun at both family dinner's, got to see my cousins, love them. Church was great! I love my ward--it's awesome.

So pretty much it was a typical weekend up at college.
A ton of staying up late, a little bit of sleep.
A lot of fun, a little bit of work.

Annnnnndd... me and the roommates discovered a few Youtube and SNL gems. :)

This is the better one. Watch it!! If you've ever seen High School Musical, you have to watch HSM 4. It's hilarious.

And, this one is a bit more obnoxious, but nonetheless hilarious and you will find yourself singing it randomly. Enjoy, Can't Hug Every Cat.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quick College Update

Well it's pretty late, (as in it is actually Saturday night but according to the time it's Sunday morning) but April said I haven't posted in FOREVER so I decided to put up a little update.. :) So it's going to be VERY short. Haha

College is AMAZING. I LOVE BYU. It's the best place in the world. Okay maybe not the world, but man it really is pretty dang great. I really have loved being up here.

My freshman year of college is almost over.. I can't believe it! Only 5 weeks left and I'll be back in the great Lone Star State. It will be fun to be home for the summer, exciting things are happening (more on that later though!), but I will definitely miss all of the great friends I have made up here.

Sierra, Danyelle, Jamie, Me, Christina, and Sophia


Though it actually has stuff hanging on the walls now... You get the picture :)



Fall Fest

Mess Fest

General Conference

True Blue Football

First Snow of the Year

Salt Lake City Trip

Christmas Party

Las Vegas Trip


Girl Dates

More later, but right now I need to go to sleep!

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