Sunday, August 21, 2011

College Here I Come!

Well, I move into my dorm on WEDNESDAY!
I can't believe I'm actually going to college.

I've already been up here in Utah for just over a week now.
I went to Bear Lake with some of my wonderful cousins.
And let me tell ya.. we had a blast!!

But ohhhh baby was the water COLD!
I was freeeeeezing.
And even in the shade I was chilly because of the breeze.
But in the sun it was PERFECT!

We went on the Idaho side of the lake because there was a really good beach there.
And it wasn't too too crowded!
We had jet skis and just played at the beach for two days.
And relaxed for two more!
It was wonderful.

Welcome to my new home for the next four years!!
(and that's the minimum.. maybe longer, we'll see ;) ha)

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Friday, August 5, 2011


Well I'm gearing up to go to college.

[I leave a week from TOMORROW. AH]

So I gots-ta-get all hip.
I got contacts.
I got full bangs.

And I think that's it.. but it's a lot to take in!
:) Hahahaha. I'm having fun with it!

You like!?

Oh and another super duper cool thing..
I went to this local BYU sendoff thing,
for all the people going up to any of the BYU
in the metroplex!

And I went with some friends.
And we all won AWESOME prizes.
I love trivia games!

My question was:
At the base of which mountains is BYU located?
And the answer is:
the WASATCH mountains!

So I won this fabulous button!!!
How fun is that?
My backpack is going to rock that for the next four years!
Holla holla!

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