Sunday, June 26, 2011

Late late Sunday night


Well I got my watch Saturday!!!
It got here so fast (I only ordered it..Wednesday night?)
And well I love it! As I expected I would.
Thanks Trendy Boutique!

In other news.. I've been BUSY!
Here was my saturday:

1. Pick up brother & friend from EFY
[To Denton and home again by 8 am!]

2. Some hardcore nappage with momma and sis-in-law!
[While the boys went golfing]

3. To Irving with brother & sis-in-law & nephew to chill!

4. Then to Frisco to see cute cute baby Carson!
[A really good family friend's baby.. He was a brother to me growing up and now he's a daddy!]

5. To In-N-Out Burger!
[I liked it! Not the best burger I've had, but it's the experience that's wonderful! haha!]

6. Home James! [I mean dad!!] for some good ol' Netflix and sleeepy time!

I am loving Sundays more and more. Especially during the summer.
They are more relaxing and I feel like I can better remember that it's the Sabbath.
I don't have to go to seminary the next day and then school.. sooo nice!
Just work, but that's not something I really need to worry about on Sunday!
It's a blessing.

I went to singles ward.. have ya ever been? Because it's kinda nerve-racking!
Especially when you're only 18 and you feel like you're not actually supposed to be there..
but you are there! And can be..!
Hahaha. I felt like I should have had my big sister there with me :)

I would always go visit her up at college and go to her student ward.
Of course I'm 7 years younger than her so I just tagged along and it didn't bother me.
But me going by myself!? Ah!!! Where's Aubrey when I need her??
[Married and in Austin, TX that's where!! ;) LOVE HER!]

We had a great talk based on Ann M. Dibb's talk Hold On from the October 2009 General Conference. It was fabulous!! I recommend reading that talk!!

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