Friday, June 24, 2011

A week full of firsts!

Well I travelled down to Galveston with my Mom and her friend from church!
And we've been going to the beach, watching So You Think You Can Dance, reading, and shopping!
[Yeah, you don't have to worry about our priorities! We've got them set straight!]

And I've had a few firsts this week:

-I made a Pinterest account! Follow me here!! :)

-I bought (and wore!!) my first maxi dress!! AH. It's a very exciting event.

-Order my first silicon band watch :):)
And it was only $9.20!!!!
Such a great deal! Can't wait until it gets here!!
Plus it's BYU colors and I just can't wait until I go in August ;)
Via The Trendy Boutique.
If you need a watch become their Facebook friend and get coupons!
They have the best prices!

-I got my first laptop!!
A Macbook Pro for college, and I love it of course.

-I also said goodbye (for now!) to my dear friend Amanda!
She's the first of my good friends (in my grade that is) to go off to college.
But we will be reunited again in August!

Well I think that's all.. Haha!
Yes some of them weren't very exciting firsts..but firsts nonetheless! :)
Enjoy your weekend.. I know I sure will!
My brother & sis-in-law & nephew are staying with us for a few days,
so it will be a blast for sure!

PS! Check out this pin:
Anybody else live by this? I know me and my Mom sure do :)
Pinned here. Posted here.

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