Saturday, May 28, 2011

This is a first..

it's a tutorial!! Hahaha.. And the first craft that I can cross of the summer to-do list!
I made a headband!!
First I found Amber's headband tutorial and thought it was really cute so I put my own little twist on it.. I guess..?
So here it goes!

First you need a plastic headband and some cute cute fabric.
Cut a strip at least 3 times as wide as your headband (a tiny bit bigger is even least for me!)
Fold the strip in half and sew right sides together. (I ironed it in half too so it would be easier to sew)
Flip right side out and put it on the headband. This is when I cut the strip to fit my headband. 
I wanted it fitted and straight so I just left a half an inch on each end to fold and hot glue. If you want it scrunchie like Amber's just use more fabric.
Now for the bow! (At least that's what I put on it)
Cut a strip 4 inches wide and 14 inches long.
Fold in half and sew wrong sides together.
Flip!! And fold ends under to create bow shape.
I folded mine in thirds to create a small-ish but full bow!
Tie center of bow with scrap fabric strip.
Then cut another piece.. 3 inches wide by 4 inches long.
(That's what I used so that I would have a little extra bit to be able to trim!) 
Fold (hotdog style!) and sew wrong sides together.
Flip and I pressed it (gathered like because that's cute and all).
Then cover center and glue!
I was then able to slip the headband into the bow so that it would lay flatter.
Hope that makes sense to yall.
If you don't care about it being bulky or anything, just glue it to the headband.
Or you could make it into a clip so you could wear it with or without the headband.
And now wearing it!
(Ignore the squinty eyes ha!)
Now I'm ready to go to after prom tonight!
Looking all cute and everything.
Haha it's necessary when you aren't going to the actual prom,
just the party--fun--part afterwards!

FYI--After prom is what they have down here in Texas to keep kids from drinking and sex and all once the prom is over. So like if prom ends at 12, the it starts at 12:30am and goes until like 5 in the morning!!! (When I am normally getting up for seminary. Which is over now! It ended Friday!! Insert Friday by Rebecca Black lyrics here.)

Mine is hosted at the school. For ours they are setting up a fake casino in the gym, having all sorts of blow up slides and such in the other gym, and a cafe and such in the cafeteria. And every senior that attends that school wins a prize! So it's a win win situation--FUN and FREE STUFF! 

Love love. Pictures sometime later.. :) I'm sooo excited for tonight!

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