Sunday, May 22, 2011


The goal for the summer. To complete 10 (maybe 15?) crafts. I have been emailing myself links of crafts forever.. I've decided it's time to actually make some of them. I've made three of them in the past few months or so.. but there are still a ton on the list! I'm going to search through and come up with a list of the ones I'm going to do this summer! Then have some bonus ones so that I can go above and beyond :) 

Here are the ones I've already done:

-Elle Apparel's Shirt Dress (mine did the same thing her's did..I had to add ruffles at the bottom too!)
-Noodlehead's Gathered Clutch (I love mine.. but use the fusible fleece!! I skipped out on it.. :/ But it's still way cute!)
-And tons of places have tutorials for those Rolled Flower Clips (I just kinda winged it at YW's though!)

(photos from their respective websites!)

So the list will be up sometime this week.. maybe tomorrow! And I'll post pictures and such of my past craft adventures/attempts!