Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Craft List

After a long deliberation.. the list is complete!!
So here are the things I want to make this summer.
Some I have the specific tutorial I want to use, some I don't.
In no particular order.. Here it goes!

  1. a wall hanging that shows my love for TEXAS! (here are my insirpations -- here, here, & here! -- think rustic, southern, amazing)
  2. a skirt
  3. jewelry (mainly this bracelet and this necklace!)
  4. a memory/cork/photo/ribbon board for my dorm room (I really like these ones -- here & here!)
  5. a scarf (preferably multiple!) -- here is one I like..
  6. a camera strap
  7. sparkly shoes!!!!! (here!!)
  8. a (..nother) dress -- shirt dress again?
  9. headbands (my faves -- here & here)
  10. and finally a bag. or makeup bag. (here or here? and there are a billion other tutorials out there!)
And a few extras if possible.. ;)
  1. a screenprinted tee (tutorial here)
  2. belt..? (here)
  3. something ombre (here)
So there are the lists. I have 10 crafts/projects that I want to do this summer and a few bonus projects (if I get to them!!) And who knows..maybe I'll have to add more!

12 weeks.
10 projects.
1 full time job.
1 very tired teenager girl.

(HAHA! like the dramatic effect?? imagine it's a cheesy dramatic movie commercial!)

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